Carl Sagan's Contact
Design | HTML

Inspired by Carl Sagan's Contact, this website was one of my first forays into web design. I developed the content and layout for this site in a New Media course one semester. Back then, web pages were built using tables, font tags, and hand-coded HTML. While technologies have changed, and my design skills have advanced, the Contact website still holds a special place for me.

I believe a lot of my design aesthetic has foundations in this website. The multi-layered backgrounds, image styles, and perspective all can be seen in more creative and advanced ways in some of my newer work. However, I think the Contact website gave me a solid beginning based on the technology at the time. If anything, it taught me value of hand-coded HTML.

Carl Sagan's work continues to influence me, and I would love to revisit this website in the future to have a more interactive presentation.